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Water Scarcity Podcast

A mini podcast series in Greek about water scarcity.

Listen to a narrative story about water scarcity in Greece based on interviews and oral history accounts.

A topic as complex as this requires input from people across the board, as it affects literally everyone. So in this podcast we’ll do exactly that. Talk to experts and laypeople alike, initiate a dialogue, and offer you stories of failure, effort, and occasional success. Most of all, real stories of how people handle the scarcity of what, everyone seems to agree, is a common good.

Podcast Episodes


A mini podcast series in Greek about water scarcity.
Listen to a story about water scarcity in Greece based on interviews and oral history accounts.

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First Episode

Equal access to water, but less water infrastructure, water scarcity. Water has always been a sensitive issue. How was water scarcity managed on the Greek islands until some decades ago? How was access right to water related to its use?

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Second Episode

What is water scarcity all about? Water scarcity is a challenge not only for the Greek islands, some of the driest places in the Mediterranean, but also for parts of Greece with annual rainfall that is double that of London! So, what’s actually going on?

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Third Episode

Solutions are already out there, from desalination units to reclaiming wastewater methods and from reviving old nature-based solutions to developing innovative decentralized techniques for saving water. Why is water scarcity still such a challenge? Α topic as complex as water scarcity requires input from people across the board, as it affects literally everyone. Can we co-create a solution?

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Electrofishing, Water quality sampling in Greek rivers

Researchers in action in the Greek rivers with electric fishing nets that fly like spears. What’s the setup of a sampling? How many fish species live in rivers in Greece? What do they find out about the water quality of rivers in our country?

Water springing from the centuries

Myths from Greece that speak symbolically with images of water.

Research – Design – Editing, Storytelling: Agni Stroumbouli
Music composition, Vocals, Violoncello: Stavros Parginos
Recording – Editing: Giotis Paraskevaidis, AUXSTUDIO

Created by

DISSCO l Dissemination – Science – Communication designs and delivers science communication strategies for public engagement activities to facilitate democratic participation in science. Collaboration in science communication activities creates access to knowledge for an understanding of the citizen’s responsibility, role, and power. This podcast production has been used as a tool to engage groups of people involved in water scarcity.

Evgenia Tsianou – Project Coordinator, Researcher/Content Creator
Eleni Kentepozidou – Web/Graphic Designer
(Estudiolabase – Branding ID)

Media dell’ Arte Creative Team is consisting of a group of artists and academics. In this project, we are linking the musical wing of the group, the String Theory, to the work that has been done over the years in MDA: we tell stories using voices, sounds, music, and narration to create a multifaceted piece of communication.

Lara Kalliri – Researcher/Content Creator
Giorgos Paterakis – Composer/Musician
Yannis Skandamis – Audio Engineer

Panagiotis Rappas is an animator, screenwriter, producer of animated films and painter. He has worked with all the major Hollywood film studios and for many European co-productions of 2D and 3D animated films. The core of his work concerns children and the adaptation of children’s literature into animated films. His work has won several international awards in Europe and the USA. In this project, Panagiotis created the Calling for Water, a litany film.

Agni Stroumbouli is a storyteller and writer. Since 1995 she has been working with Greek folk tales, writing, translating or broadcasting on the radio, performing and teaching the art of storytelling. Together with the music of Stavros Parginos, they created the stories The Water that springs from the centuries.

LUDD is a makerspace / fablab. A platform where the latest developments in open design, prototyping and fabrication technology, along with shared know-how, serve as the basis for a community of individuals, organizations and broader initiatives, to connect and collaborate, thus accelerating local and social innovation.

LUDD has created a portable installation, in order for our stories to travel to the islands and other locations, and discuss water scarcity on the spot.

Water Scarcity Fighters

Get Inspired

Enhancing knowledge and overcoming current barriers to tackle water scarcity in Southern Europe.

Water resources reallocation seems to be a key adaptation measure to tackle water scarcity problems, in view of anticipated climate change consequences.

However, there are some potential solutions to water allocation problems, such as changes in infrastructure, land use, or limitations of irrigation that may not be well received, and decision-making processes can lead to conflicts among different stakeholders.

Thus, it is essential to incorporate the interests of the different stakeholders affected by the consequences of these processes, including policy makers, farmers, and the general public and to experiment on solutions tackling different levels of change including policy, finance, technology, and skills among others.

Water scarcity has been identified as a common problem for the EIT through some of its communities.

Α podcast production in response to European Innovation Technology (ΕΙΤ) cross Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) project to find innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe.

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