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Μake science funky, engage everyone in on the

science! DISSCO designs and delivers science

communication strategies for public

engagement activities to facilitate democratic participation in science. Get involved! Let’s

democratise science:

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String Theory, the musical wing of Media dell’ Arte creative team that consists of artists and academics, produces stories using voices, sounds, music, and narration to create a multifaceted piece of


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Panagiotis Rappas is an award winning animator, screenwriter, producer and painter. He has worked with major film studios in Europe and Hollywood, adapting children’s literature into animated films. In this project, Panagiotis created the ‘Calling for Water, A Litany’ film.

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Agni Stroumbouli is a storyteller and writer. Since 1995 she has been working with Greek folk tales, writing, translating or radio broadcasting, performing and teaching the art of storytelling. Together with the music of Stavros Parginos, they created the stories The Water that springs from the centuries.