Musical chairs in common

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As we tend to forget how we can work together for a common cause, Alekos Pantazis designed the workshop “Musical chairs in common” that helps us explain the concepts of scarcity and abundance in an experiential way. It is an interactive game that prompts us to think differently, and teaches us how we can manage a common resource, like water, together. It is recommended for local associations that envision an alternative approach to water management, as well as for teachers, students and parents’ associations, but also to people interested in collective self-management. Designed by LUDD


Immerse yourself in the world of water scarcity through our travelling audio story installation, brisnging thought-provoking narratives to islands and various locations, allowing audeiences to listen and engage onsite. We believe public participation in science communication activities not only improves access to knowledge, but also supports citizen responsibility. Therefore, we utilise the stories produced as a tool to further engage groups of people. We provoke the dialogue with the audio story installation. Book it to your exhibition and amplify the conversation. Desinged by LUDD

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