This audio story production has been used as a tool to engage different groups of people involved in water scarcity. The stories are a result of interviews conducted with


who experience water scarcity, in several parts of Greece, in particular residents of islands with a significant influx of tourists in the summer.


that study the topic and are looking for innovative solutions.


that work with local communities trying to tackle the problems together.

Feel free to browse their websites, get to know their work and get inspired about ways to deal with water scarcity.

Sustainable Samothraki

The Sustainable Samothraki initiative is a transdisciplinary project and a local association, aiming to outline a sustainable future for the Greek island of Samothraki as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, through participatory research, citizen science, education and outreach activities.

Hydrousa logo
HYDROUSA is a EU Horizon2020 Innovation Action project HYDROUSA aims to revolutionize the water supply chain in Mediterranean regions by demonstrating innovative solutions for water/wastewater treatment and management, which will close the water loops and will also boost their agricultural and energy profile.

Tzoumakers is an open lab for communities to cooperatively design and manufacture tools for small-scale agricultural production, emphasizing the importance of designing smart agriculture systems that serve sustainable solutions for small farmers, especially considering that the agricultural system is the largest user of water.

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